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Apart from mounted prints and greetings cards Sally Jane is now offering free standing acrylic plaques. These really show your portrait off well and look very contemporary too.

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Free dog frisbee with every pet portrait commission while stocks last.

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Pet Portrait Stories 4

This is Monty. He was a prize winning arab who was used to being shown in hand. so used to it that when he was brought out to be photographed he just stood in the menage and didn't move at all. He would have stood there all day.

This portrait was spotted on the internet by some unscrupulous advertising company who turned it into a pub sign for a pub called the Nags Head. Luckily I spotted it, got a solicitor involved and they settled out of court.

To read previous Pet Portrait Stories just visit my Blog or find them located through my site.

Pet Portraits by Sally Jane

Immortalise your petbernese mountain dog portrait

There could be no better way to immortalise your pet than to have a pet portrait created for him or her. Pet owners and breeders have been doing this for centuries. No manor house or palace would be complete without some impressive portrait paintings of beloved animals. But, where as this was once the preserve of the wealthy, now a portrait is easily affordable to all.

Sally Jane Turner is a photographer and artist who specialises in pet portraiture. Not only does she possess immense skill in the materials and medium she uses but also a deep understanding of her subjects. She has been around animals most of her life both exotic and domestic. As a result Sally is able to quickly build up a relationship with most animals and capture the pose that best shows the pet’s natural character for the portrait. You only have to look through the galleries to see the quality of her work.

Sally is based in Elmley Castle, Pershore, Worcestershire, UK but has a satelite location in North Kent by arrangement.


Pet Portrait Video

To find out more about Sally's pet portraits watch this video below. If you have any questions please just ask. You can contact Sally by phone, e-mail or Skype and her details will be found on the contact page here.

The Portrait Creation Process

The pet portraits are created from high resolution photographs that are then digitally art worked to create the final image. Sally has two UK bases, her main one is in the Vale of Evesham for clients in the West Midlands and beyond but she also has a satelite location in Dartford, North Kent. Once a commission has been agreed the location for the photo-shoot can be arranged at a mutually convenient place in order to keep traveling expenses to a minimum.

Please note - There must be a competent handler present with the pet at the time of the photo-shoot. Also please make sure the pet is ready to be photographed on Sally's arrival as she is not responsible for grooming.

Several photographs will be taken during the photo-shoot and the most suitable will be selected for the final pet portrait. For commissions outside the UK or where it is not practical or possible to arrange a photo-shoot it might be possible to work from one of your own photographs. Please read this section on photograph submission.

Once the artwork has been finished a proof image will be sent to you for approval. Some changes can be made at this stage if required.  Once the proof is approved the final portrait will be printed and mounted.