Pet Portrait Stories

This was the image that got me started. My father-in-law wanted a photo of our dog, Brac, of whom he is very fond, to hang on his wall. I personally don't generally like straight photos hung on wall so I took the background out and made it into a portrait. Once mounted and framed I liked it so much I just had to do one for myself which got me to thinking that maybe other pet owners would like similar for their pets.

Sally Jane Photographic Art

Pet Portrait Galleries

These galleries show my most recent work. All pet portraits shown in these galleries can be purchased as reprints by anyone unless they are marked as Exclusive. All portraits will be sold mounted at the re-print fee of £30 each for standard size or £40 for large. Mount colours may vary slightly.

Dog portraitsDog Portraits

This gallery contains a wide variety of dog breeds and some very attractive cross breeds too.

Horse portraitsHorse Portraits

This section includes a wide variety of equine portraits from Arabs to donkeys.


Catportrait galleryCat Portraits

Cats are their own masters so don't take kindly to posing, but, with a little patience they can make wonderful portraits.

Other animal cardsOther Animal Portraits

This is a hotch potch of all the other animals that don't fit into the above categories both domestic and exotic.