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Pet Portrait Stories 2

This was the first portrait I sold. After completing the portrait of my dog Brac for my father-in-law I thought I would see if I could create one of my friends horse, Kate. Having sorted through my photos of her I finally selected one and created this portrait. I then sent it to my friend by e-mail for an opinion and she instantly replied asking if she could buy one. I sold it to her for a nominal free just to cover the cost of the mount. It was this sale that made me realise there was a market for such portraits.

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Sally Jane TurnerSally Jane Turner

Pet Portrait Artist & Photographer

It would be fair to say that Sally Jane inherited her photographic art skills from her parents. Her father Eric Storey was a commercial photographer and her mother Rebecca a photographic re-toucher and airbrush artist. Rebecca taught her how to paint & draw as well as how to appreciate form. Eric passed on his skills for composition and camera craft. A degree of night blindness as a child meant Sally could not see in a darkroom which prevented her becoming a photographer at the time. Now with digital photography the 'dark room' has gone to be replaced by a computer and the world of photography has been opened up for her. Now, as a digital photographic artist, Sally blends these skills seamlessly to create beautiful images, pet portraits and digital images ready for framing.

Sally is based in Dartford, Kent, UK